Leserbrief zum Thema Walking Football

Mich hat eine (englisch-sprachige) Zuschrift von einem der Macher der Internetseite Walkingfootball.com erreicht mit Verweis auf einen Artikel, den ich mal zu dieser alternativen Art des Fußballs für ältere Menschen geschrieben habe. Sicher nichts weltbewegendes, aber doch eine nette Ergänzung meines Artikels. Thanks to Ian Henry for the further informations about walking football! Good luck and success by spreading your idea!

“I see you are helping promote walking football with your article on http://www.tobiaskuske.de/2016/04/25/bundesligisten-und-eu-foerdern-walking-football/

We would appreciate you letting your site visitors know about our walking football resource – www.walkingfootball.com

The aim of www.walkingfootball.com is to provide community forums for walking football teams, players and fans to share ideas, ask questions and promote their clubs, festivals, tournaments and leagues.

Though more importantly, www.walkingfootball.com offers the ability for people to keep their social connections made on the pitch constantly alive throughout the whole week – when mobile, and online back at home by joining in topic conversations & using our private messaging system.

In addition to the social aspect, our site contains a calendar and map to help visitors find their nearest clubs and facilities:



A quiz section to help members stay mentally fit https://www.walkingfootball.com/quizzes/

A videos section that showcases all of the top You Tube walking videos https://www.walkingfootball.com/media/

Plus a photo album for members to share their happiness and success in the world of walking football https://www.walkingfootball.com/gallery/

We very much hope you can help us to help the older generation stay fit and build up their social network of friends through the common activity of walking football.

Kind regards,

Ian Henry”


(Bildquelle vom Foto auf der Startseite: Nils Fabisch / pixelio.de)

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